Scholarships are the most sought after type of financial aid out there. Scholarships are so popular because you do not have to pay them back and some are not based on financial need like other types of “free” money is.

There are tens of thousands of scholarships available for college students in all areas, from art schools to aerospace engineering programs; you just have to look for them. Some schools will require you to have the scholarship money sent to them first so they can include it in your financial aid package. These scholarships fall under the category of Gift Aid.

Scholarships are also one of the hardest types of financial aid to get because there might be twenty thousand students vying for one or two scholarships.

We have put together a few resources below that offer information about scholarships.

  • Frank O’Neil Memorial Scholarship
    The $1000 scholarships given away by American Student Financial Aid.
  • $10,000 free college scholarship
  • Green Earth Scholarship
    Save the earth and win a scholarship
  • The StraightForwardMedia Scholarships
    This company gives away several targeted scholarships.
  • Duck Tape Prom Contest
    Win up to $3000 for making a Duct tape prom dress.
  • First Generation College Student Scholarships
    A scholarship for someone who is going to college for the first time in their family.

Popular Types of Scholarships

Athletic Scholarships

These are the most coveted scholarships, because playing sports in college could lead to the pros (and big money). About a quarter of a million athletic scholarships are awarded every year. Earning these scholarships is very competitive and extremely difficult, but not impossible. The best way to get an athletic scholarship is to talk to your high school coach and the schools you hope to attend about the application process.

Privately Funded Scholarships

Alumni members and generous donors are the ones who create and fund these scholarships. Usually, they are school-specific, so contact the schools to which you are going to apply for more information. Sometimes, the information for private scholarships is posted online as well. Awards range from $500 to full-ride scholarships.

Merit-Based Scholarships

If you have excellent grades or test scores, you will probably qualify for a merit scholarship. Valedictorians and salutatorians can get full ride scholarships to several colleges and universities. There are hundreds of merit scholarships available for academically gifted students, so start searching today!

ROTC Scholarships

ROTC is another big group that awards scholarships. You must agree to become part of the ROTC team at your new college or sign up for the military for a certain number of years to get this type of scholarship.

Corporate Scholarships

Corporations are also known for generously donating money to needy students. Companies like McDonalds, Pepsi, Kraft Foods, Walmart, and Target give out thousands of dollars in scholarship money each year. You may need to be an employee, or have a family member that works for one of these companies, in order to qualify for the scholarship money.

Religious Scholarships

These fall under privately funded scholarships. Your place of worship may offer some scholarships to its members. If you are affiliated with an organization, contact your local leader to find out more information.