FAFSA Deadlines

If you would like to be considered for state aid, you must get your FAFSA in before the state deadline.

Most states have their own deadlines for state aid. You must follow this deadline to be considered for state aid such ad TAP, CAL Grant, and MAP.

Federal money does not run out so if you are late for the state deadline, you will still be eligible for federal aid.

Make sure you watch the deadlines for scholarships also. Scholarships have deadlines early in the year. Some scholarships will also want a copy of your SAR. It is a good idea to print one from the Internet with your PIN and make several copies.

FAFSA Deadline Resources:

It is very important that you submit the application on time. A late submission could mean that you forfeit any money you could have received. It could mean the difference between attending school that year and not attending! To see your state’s filing deadlines, you can simply check the fafsa.ed.gov website.

Generally, the deadline for federal applications must be in by June 30th. If you wait this long, you will have to call into the Department of Education via phone. If you make corrections, they must be submitted by September 15th. The deadline is 10:00 pm Central in most cases.

The state deadlines are usually around April or May. Finally, you will need to check with your college on their specific deadlines, since each school has its own timetable.

You need to understand the difference between submitting the form and getting it processed. There are two different dates for each one.

When it comes to deadlines, you cannot be late. Actually, if you file on or near January 1st, your chances of getting federal aid will be higher than if you wait until the deadline. The reason is that most awards are given out on a rolling basis – first come, first serve. By the time the deadlines roll around, the money might all be allocated and gone!

It helps to stay organized when you are getting ready to apply for financial aid and school admissions. Have a master calendar that has the important dates and deadlines for everything. Check the calendar every day for upcoming events so that you can prepare for them well ahead of time.

The Department of Education recommends that you submit your FAFSA at least one week before the actual deadline to make sure there is enough time for processing. This gives you enough time to mail the separate signature page.